You are a Glitterball – A behind the scenes look at creating our October Feel Goodies

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When I originally designed my Eurovision inspired collection at the beginning of this year I was never planning or expecting it to be one of our monthly themes… but then I came across a quote that changed all of that!

I almost always come up with original quotes for our monthly themes. But sometimes you read a quote and it resonates so hard that it sticks with you, and this was that for me… “A glitterball is hundreds of pieces of broken glass put together to make a magical ball of light. You aren’t broken. You are a glitter ball”

Mock up of three different colour versions of a poster with a blue glitterball in the centre surrounded by a quote that reads "A glitterball is hundreds of pieces of broken glass put together to make a magical ball of light. You aren't broken. You are a glitter ball". The poster on the left has pink text on a white background, the centre poster has white text on a pink background and the right poster has blue text on a white background.

Technically the original quote has “disco ball” in it, but being Strictly season I had to change it to glitter ball! And I have no idea who said it in the first place. If you know please let me know so I can credit them! 

I think the reason this quote spoke to me so much was because of another quote I’ve carried with me since some coaching training nine years ago “You aren’t broken. You don’t need fixing”, which has been really healing for me in so many ways, and something that I actually explored from another perspective in my Substack post last week… it’s obviously on my mind!

A photo of an ipad and a printed colouring sheet on a table. On the righ the ipad shows a colouring page featuring a glitterball and a quote, with an apple pencil resting on tip. On the right is a printed glitterball pattern colouring page with blue and pink colouring pencils lying on top.

Over the past few years there’s been lots of ways this sentiment of acknowledging, accepting and learning to work with different parts of myself, rather than seeing them as something that is broken and needs fixing, has really helped me in life. One of the most significant has been in learning to accept, acknowledge and work with my ADHD, rather than mask and suppress it. Something that is so important for me to be living as littleun navigates her own experiences of neurodivergence.

So our October design somehow ended up being something totally unexpected and yet deeply meaningful!

A mockup of six smartphones showing different versions of two phone wallpaper designs. One design is a glitterball pattern, which is shown in an aqua green, a pink and a blue version. The other is three versions of a blue glitterball surrounded by the quote "A glitterball is hundreds of pieces of broken glass put together to make a magical ball of light. You aren't broken. You are a glitter ball" with the quote as pink on a white background, white on a pink background and blue on a white background.

I did naively think that this month’s goodies would be quicker to put together as I “only had to design the quote” however I didn’t factor in that it was the longest quote I’ve ever done in hand-lettering by quite some way… so that was a process! Also I forgot that I didn’t actually have any monochrome versions of the glitterball pattern for the phone wallpapers, so figuring those out took a bit of time!

Creating this design has felt like a big warm accepting hug, and I hope that you feel the warmth and acceptance in this design too. Also and fellow Strictly and/or Eurovision fans out there… I hope this design feels extra special for you too 🥰


🪩 Is there a part of yourself that you would like to stop seeing as broken, and stop fighting against, and instead start acknowledging, accepting & working with?

🪩 What is one thought about this part of yourself that suggests this part of you is broken?
(e.g. a thought that comes up when you’re being hard on yourself)

🪩 If a friend said that about themselves, what would you say in response to comfort and reassure them that they are not broken, and it’s okay that part of them exists? 

🪩 Turn your response to the previous question into a sentence that you can regularly say to yourself to give yourself comfort and reassurance that it’s okay for that part of yourself to be what it is 💖

🪩 Once you’ve decided on something that you want to remind yourself of why not pop it on a post it note and stick it somewhere you’ll see it every day. If that doesn’t work for you, what else could you do to keep it handy so you remember to say it to yourself when you need it?

I’d love to hear your reflections on giving yourself permission to trust yourself and doing it your own way – tag me (@unicornfactoryuk) in your posts and stories so I can see and share them! 

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