You are allowed to change Monthly Feel Goodies November 2023. Your monthly reminders to do life your way. Brought to you by The Unicorn Factory on Ko-Fi.

Every month I share a new design as a reminder to keep doing things in our own way, at our own pace and on our own terms

Our quote for November is “You are allowed to change”a reminder that we can give ourselves permission to make changes in our lives, even if that change feels challenging and takes time to adjust to
Mock up of an art print in a thin white frame leaning against a white wall. The art print has an illustrated quote "You are allowed to change" surrounded by rainbow clouds and white stars on a plain white background.
A photograph of two printed November 2023 calendars on a table. The calendar on the left has the illustrated quote "you are allowed to change" surrounded by clouds and stars in rainbow colours above a grid of November dates. On the right is a November planner calendar with a rainbow clouds and sky pattern as the border.
A mockup of three rows of alternating laptops and tablets, four on each row. The top and bottom row showing cloud and star pattern wallpaper designs in various rainbow colours. The centre row shows two versions of an illustrated quote wallpaper with the quote "You are allowed to change" on blue patterned background and a plain white background.
A photo of an ipad and a printed colouring sheet on a table. On the right the ipad shows a colouring page featuring a clouds, stars and a quote, with an apple pencil resting on tip. On the left is a printed cloud and star pattern colouring page with felt tip pens in rainbow colours lying on top.

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If you love bright, bold & fun designs bursting with colour – then you’re in the right place! I’m on a mission to add a little extra joy to our everyday…

I’ve been sharing regular doses of joy, fun & creativity since 2021 – there’s new digital & printable goodies for members every month!

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> Wallpaper backgrounds for phone, tablet & laptop/desktop to for a dose of instant joy every time you look at your phone, tablet & laptop (sized to work with any make & model of device)

> Calendar Planner pages to remind you to make space for some fun in the middle of all the adulting (shared towards the end of each month ready for the next)

> Printable Art Illustrations to add some joy to your space or so you can gift some joy to someone else (printing guide included to help you get the best results)

> Digital & Printable Colouring Pages – for quick and easy ways to have a little creative time with minimal faff PLUS procreate colour palettes

> PLUS behind the scenes posts sharing the creation of our designs and my other creative adventures!

Feel goodies your monthly reminders to do life your way on Ko-Fi
The little book of Easy Creativity – Ideas to help you build a creative habit that works for you so you can find a little time for joy, fun & creativity in your every day. Now available to buy and free to Ko-Fi members.

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The little book of easy creativity

Ideas to help you build a creative habit that works for you so you can find a little time for joy, fun & creativity in your every day. 

Includes worksheets (or as I like to call them joysheets) give you a space to gather your thoughts & make a plan that works for you!

Every tier gets the same goodies. You can choose to pay £3, £6 or £12 depending on what feels right for you and what you can afford. 

I know some people really want to join and £3 a month (the equivalent of buying me a cuppa) is what’s doable for them whereas others are in a more comfortable position and have wanted to contribute at the top tier every month, so I’ve created the tiers to give everyone the choice to do what works for them.

If I was selling items individually on somewhere like Etsy they’d probably come to about £15 for all the different downloads, so whichever tier you’re on it’s a good deal – and I appreciate the support at any level!

Some of our past designs...

Mock up of three different colour versions of a poster with a blue glitterball in the centre surrounded by a quote that reads "A glitterball is hundreds of pieces of broken glass put together to make a magical ball of light. You aren't broken. You are a glitter ball". The poster on the left has pink text on a white background, the centre poster has white text on a pink background and the right poster has blue text on a white background.
Keep Doing It Your Way You've Got This quote calendar and planner for September
Embrace your own pace quote and pattern phone wallpaper backgrounds
Nurture yourself in Nature quote and pattern colouring pages
Mermaids Quote and Pattern Art Print Illustration June 2023 - The Unicorn Factory
The Unicorn Factory Rainforest Joy Quote and Pattern Calendar Planner Illustration May 2023
The Unicorn Factory Wetland Birds Quote and Pattern Phone Tablet Laptop Illustration Wallpaper Background April 2023
The Unicorn Factory Pic N Mix Colouring Pages Illustration March 2023
The Unicorn Factory Magic Doodles Art Print Illustration February 2023
The Unicorn Factory Choose Your Adventure Calendar Planner Illustration January 2023
The Unicorn Factory Fairy Lights Phone Tablet Laptop Illustration Wallpaper Background December 2022
The Unicorn Factory Autumn Leaves Art Print Illustration October 2022
The Unicorn Factory Take Time to Explore Butterfly Calendar Planner September 2022
The Unicorn Factory Rock Pool Fun Desktop Laptop Tablet Phone Device Wallpaper Background August 2022
The Unicorn Factory And Breathe Seaside Colouring Page July 2022

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Your Questions...

Below are a few questions I’ve been asked so far… if you have any others just get in touch and I’ll get back to you asap

What is a tier?

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How do I pay? Can I use PayPal?

You can pay with card or via PayPal, just follow the instructions on the Ko-Fi website when you sign up

When do I get charged?

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What do I get access to when I join The Unicorn Factory on Ko-Fi?

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Am I allowed to share my digital Ko-Fi goodies?

The digital files I send you are intended for your use only and should not be sent to anyone else. However you are very welcome to print and share the colouring pages with family and friends, and the A4 art prints will make lovely gifts!

Are my Ko-Fi goodies exclusive? What does that mean?

All rewards will be exclusive to Ko-Fi members for a minimum of three months from the release date. After this I may choose to sell versions of them outside of the membership, but a majority of items are unlikely to go on general sale and will remain exclusive to members indefinitely. 

Is there a Ko-Fi app?

There isn’t a Ko-Fi app, but you can add the web page to the home screen of your phone or tablet so you can access & interact as easily as an app. There’s more information and instructions on how to add it to your home screen here

If I don’t download the monthly goodies as soon as I join can I get back to them?

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