February 2024 Feel Goodies. Add a little extra joy to your day with monthly reminders to do life your way. Be your own best friend.

Every month I share new Feel Goodies inspired by my patterns for fabric crafting & quilting alongside a reminder to keep doing life in our own way, at our own pace and on our own terms

In February we have a heart hexie quilt design with the theme “Be your own Best Friend” as a reminder to show yourself the same understanding, compassion & kindness that you give to your friends

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If you love bright, bold & fun designs bursting with colour – then you’re in the right place! I’m on a mission to add a little extra joy to our everyday…

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> Printable Note Pages – for all your other to-do lists & crafting plans!


> a first look at bright, bold & fun new designs alongside ideas for quilting and crafting with them

> notifications of Spoonflower fabric offers & discounts – plus more perks coming in early 2024

> behind the scenes updates on my creative adventures with illustration, surface design & textile, the stories behind the designs & the challenges that come with making all of this happen!

Some of our past designs...

I’ve been sharing regular doses of joy, fun & creativity since 2021 – there’s new digital & printable goodies for members every month!

The Unicorn Factory Wetland Birds Quote and Pattern Art Print Illustration April 2023
Nurture yourself in Nature quote calendar and planner for July 2023
A mockup of six smartphones showing different versions of two phone wallpaper designs. One design is a glitterball pattern, which is shown in an aqua green, a pink and a blue version. The other is three versions of a blue glitterball surrounded by the quote "A glitterball is hundreds of pieces of broken glass put together to make a magical ball of light. You aren't broken. You are a glitter ball" with the quote as pink on a white background, white on a pink background and blue on a white background.
A photograph of two printed November 2023 calendars on a table. The calendar on the left has the illustrated quote "you are allowed to change" surrounded by clouds and stars in rainbow colours above a grid of November dates. On the right is a November planner calendar with a rainbow clouds and sky pattern as the border.
The Unicorn Factory Magic Doodles Art Print Illustration February 2023
Embrace your own pace quote and pattern phone wallpaper backgrounds
The Unicorn Factory Take Time to Explore Butterfly Calendar Planner September 2022
Mock up of an art print in a white frame leaning against a white wall. The art print has an illustrated quote "Take time to rest so you can Sparkle & Shine" with a bauble border above and below the quote, on a plain white background.
The Unicorn Factory Autumn Leaves Art Print Illustration October 2022
Mermaids Quote and Pattern Phone Tablet Laptop Illustration Wallpaper Background June 2023 - The Unicorn Factory

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With the move to Substack, alongside your Feel Goodies & calendar download posts, you can expect posts about the development of my monthly design, updates on my designs as they become available in my Spoonflower shop, updates on what is happening behind the scenes (I’m going to try really hard to do this at least once a month) and I’ll add Spoonflower fabric offers as notes on Substack so you can take advantage of them as they happen. I also want to explore using chat so if you see me starting one of those I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you’re up to!

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